Best in Themes from Club Theme Nights.

Club Theme, March, Red

Just to let everyone know that I am stepping down from my position as Themes Director for the club.  

A couple of reasons but mainly because I think that positions within any club should be transitory.  We should open up postitions to allow the opportunity for new people to participate.  New people bring new ideas and approaches and that is what will keep organizations fresh.

Also it have been increasingly difficult to integrate the themes schedule into my regular life.  

So, thanks for the opportunity to work with the talent we have in the club, it has been a pleasure.

I am sending this out now because I want to make sure that everyone attends the next meeting on May 3.  This is the yearly AGM where the new slate of directors will be chosen for the following year.  It is important that we get volunteers for the positions vacant.

And now onto the themes ZOOM call from last night.  We had just over 20 members on the call and we viewed the 46 photos submitted.  As usual I have selected some honourable mentions and the photo of the month.  The theme this month was “Things that are Red”

And the honourable mentions are;

Joy Hayes – Converging Energies
Lynne Kelman – Little Red Dress 
Norman Orr – Batten the Hatches
Roy Abbott – Red Faced

And the photo of the month is 

Llaesa North – Mary

Remind everyone that the current theme is “Abstract” and please have your submissions to me by May 7,  I will show them via ZOOM later in May.

Thanks,  Mike Strong

Club Theme, February, Bridges

Thanks everyone who logged into the ZOOM call last night for the theme “Bridges”

We had a great discussion around the 32 images submitted.

Thanks again for all those who submitted photos.  Themes are important part of our club experience and I encourage everyone to send in photos .

The theme for March is “Red”.  Lots to shoot here, no excuses, get out there.

The honourable mention and photos of the month are;

Lynne Kelman – The Winning Hand

Gary Sumner – Gateway to the City

Brian Palmer – Look Up

And the photo of the month;

Norman Orr – Transportation Menagerie

Thanks again

Mike Strong

January Theme B&W

Another fun meeting via ZOOM last night where we showed the submissions for the Jan theme B&W.  Very good response with 44 photos from 15 members.  As usual chose some of the best photos for Honourable mention and one photo for photo of the month.  

and they are;

Llaesa North – Kingfisher – Sharp contrasty look at this bird

Roy Abbott – Downtown – the more you look at this the more depth it has parts of buildings everywhere presenting a collage that is downtown.

Joy Hayes – After the Apocalypse – How important is a name, here it is evocative.  Fantastic shot of this crow, could be on a movie poster for the same name.

Diane Grenier – Teddy – who could not love this dog.

Lynne Kelman – Nostalgia – In my view the elements of a table top have to have connective value, this photo has that, mainly because of the intimate view of the tiny corner.

and the photo of the month goes to; 

Brian Palmer – Flower Art – One of the best images I have had on themes. Just outstanding.

Thanks for everyone who logged in and for everyone who sent in the theme photos.

Mike Strong