This Page will show upcoming CAPA competitions and the deadlines for submission to our club for selection.

If you use a Mac with the default Apple Mail program, we suggest you do the following with your images, size them as per CAPA and Club rules , 1400 pixels wide if Landscape, 1050 High if Portrait. Name them as YourName-Title. (This section applies to PC users too)

On Mac : Create your email to the host of the competition and attach your images. On the right of the email you should see Image Size and if you followed the sizing above you should choose “Actual Size” from the pop-out menu.

On Mac: The last thing you should do is drag an Empty folder into the email near the bottom below you images. This forces the Mac to ZIP the images and lets people with PC’s read them at the other end without the name or size being changed. This is a simple work around for a problem that Apple and Windows have had for a long time. I keep an Empty folder on my desktop for this very purpose.

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