April's theme is "Pattern Design Abstract"

A little late but here it is. April's theme is "Pattern Design Abstract".  Essentially patterns in nature or man made; patterns are a repeated way in which something happens or is done.  Visually it requires us to look beyond the object or objects to find relationships. Discovering patterns helps us to better understand our surroundings.  Patterns are everywhere so this should be easy. The patterns can be made from a purely abstract source like wave motion or can include clearly definable objects like migrating geese. Try to get last months images "rebirth" to me ASAP. Jump on the April theme as we may not have [more]

Thanks for the Portrait Lighting Workshop

Thanks for the Portrait Lighting WorkshopMany thanks to Mark Efford from Lens and Shutter for his presentation on lighting for Portraits.   It was great to see the lighting in action rather than on a Youtube video.  Also thanks to our model Elizabeth (Lizzy) for being very patient with all the changes in light setups. I thought I would provide some links to equipment and software that was used in the presentation.   Also a reminder that, as Mark mentioned, you can do almost the same thing with a couple of Speedlights (flashes) and reflectors.  You just don't get quite the power out of them and can't shoot [more]

Simple Cheat Sheet for Exposure

Simple Cheat Sheet for ExposureHere is a couple of versions of a "cheat sheet" that show the various items that make up Exposure in photography.  There are several versions of this sheet on the web but I tried to get the largest sized [more]

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September 2016 – Tutorials


For this webpage, we have included below some recent articles on the topic of tutorials and editing software.


Forget Retro Filters, This New Software Instantly Colorizes Old Photos – It is worthwhile checking out this website to test the application which is free.  You upload your black and white images and see the transition. – CHECK WEBSITE HERE

104 Photo Editing Tools You Should Know About – Hello, photographers. For the last two months, I’ve been doing market research for my project Photolemur and looking for different tools in the area of photo enhancement and photo editing. I spent a lot of time searching, and came up with a large organized list of 104 photo editing tools and apps that you should know about.

I believe all these services might be useful for some photographers, so I’ll share them here with you. And just to make it easier to find something specific, the list is numbered. Enjoy! – READ MORE

Post Processing With Intent By Rafael Rojas – It is very tempting to think that post-processing in photography is something disconnected from the rest of the photographic process, and particularly so from the capture of images in the field. The truth, however, is that post-processing should not be considered a separate step in photography, but rather as the continuation, or should we say culmination, of a whole photographic process which started the moment we had an idea in our mind that we wanted to capture in a photograph. – READ MORE

9 HDR Photography Myths – HDR (high dynamic range) is a subject that gets a lot of attention, both positive and negative, within the photography community. Because the topic can be so polarizing it seems like there are many myths or misunderstandings surrounding HDR photography. In this article we’ll take a look at nine common myths and why they are not true. – READ MORE



What To Expect From The Upcoming ON1 Photo Raw Editor – A feature I will like is local adjustments (exposure, clarity, sharpening, shadows, etc.) with an intelligent brush that finds automatically the edges, like in Camera Raw.” Great news! This is one we are working on right now and are pretty exited about. The new Local Adjustments tab will let you use the Brush, including the Perfect Brush, and the gradient masking bug to selectively apply local adjustments that can be edited inside of Develop and Effects with Photo RAW. – READ MORE


Lightroom Quick Tip – Make Photos Pop with Blue Primary Saturation – We’ve all been there. You get home from a shoot, offload your photos, grab a cup of coffee and start editing. You go through your normal workflow — a little exposure increase here, a little saturation bump there, +10 contrast and clarity, a little bit of sharpening and maybe even a slight vignette. Your photo looks great, but you feel like it’s lacking something and just seems a little “flat”. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one slider in Lightroom to make your photo pop? Blue Primary Saturation can do just the trick! Check out the effect that it has on the photo below, and then I’ll show you where to find it in Lightroom. – READ MORE

Use The Detial Tab In Lightroom Light A Pro – One of the last, and arguably most important stages of post production is sharpening and noise reduction. In Lightroom, Adobe has placed both of these tools in a tab called Detail in the Develop Module. It is found towards the bottom of the tools tab on the right side of the screen, perhaps to signify it should be one of the last stages of post-production.

Whilst not an overly complicated tool, it is important that care is taken when using the detail adjustments. Too much sharpening leads to ugly looking images whilst too much noise reduction can give us smeary, blurred looking shots. Today we’re going to look at the tools of the Detail tab and how to use them. – READ MORE

Step By Step How TO Make A Moody Desaturated Image In Lightroom – Often times we occupy our processing time with thoughts of what can be added to our images in order to make them more impactful; more sharpness, contrast, or color. But, this may not always the best route to take. The old expression “Less is more” can be applied to many aspects of photography, and it is especially true when it comes to dealing with colors. – READ MORE



Auto Shine Tutorial with Glow 2 – Topaz Glow 2 is a great way to create unique images with illumination and energetic sparks of light. You can create vibrant, beautiful images with easy to use pre-made effects or you can create your own. By using internal adjustments, ready-made effects, and settings, it’s simple to use Glow 2 to enhance images in a variety of ways! – READ MORE

Paint Your Pets with Impression 2 – Topaz Impression 2 is a fun way to create beautiful images that are artistic, soft, & romantic or loud, bold, & extreme. It turns photographs into works of art with various combinations of brush strokes, surface effects, and more. By using internal adjustments, presets, and settings, it’s simple to use Impression 2 to enhance your images.

Today we’ll cover how it can be used to enhance photographs of pets and animals. This tutorial will showcase effects that will compliment subject matter that has soft features such as fur and feathers but will also show how masking can enhance details such as eyes, teeth, and other sharp parts of your subject. – READ MORE