Photo Lessons at White Rock Community Centre May24 to June21 2016

Photo Lessons at White Rock Community Centre  May24 to June21 2016 Photography Lessons  at White Rock Community Centre: Call 604.541.2199 to register or register in person:. Course # 30872 Photography Made Easy Tuesdays---May 24th to June 21st 2016 7pm to 9:30pm 5 sessions Instructor: Lynne Kelman White Rock Community Centre-Gallery-Russell Street   Ages: 16 Yrs. and over Fees: - course fee $114.00 - member fee $104.00 Discover all the tips and tricks to becoming a better photographer. Go back to basics and learn how to take control of your SLR camera and understand what all the modes, menus and settings will do for you. When you know how it all works then you will be able to make better photographs.    This is a 5 [more]

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April 2016 – Photography Tutorials


For our April photography tutorials, I have included some recent articles and videos on Adobe Lightroom and Topaz Labs.


Digital Pho to Editing Workflow -This article summarizes the most important steps to incorporate into your digital photo editing workflow (aka “post-processing workflow”). It isn’t necessarily a procedure that you’ll want to implement with all of your photos, but whenever you want to get that “keeper” looking just right, these steps can make all the difference. – READ MORE

A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Right Post-Processing Software -When it comes to choosing your first piece of post-production software you may find yourself spinning in circles. There’s so much to choose from, and the whole idea of learning to do something new can be intimidating. This article will cover a number of the most well known software options available, and hopefully lead you towards the right decision for you. – READ MORE


How To Create 5 Different Looks Using Lightroom – Most often you may strive to capture photos which most closely reflect the scene the way it looks to your eye.

On the other hand, with having powerful editing software at your fingertips and an insatiable creative streak, sometimes you may find yourself experimenting with altering your images to create different “looks”. – READ MORE

How To Use Lightroom’s Graduated Filter To Improve Landscapes – Lightroom’s graduated filter is an extremely powerful tool when used with purpose. For landscape photographers there are several different things that you can accomplish with the graduated filter, and in this article we’ll look at four specific uses. – READ MORE

5 Quick And Simple Lightroom Edits To Make Your Images Pop – Since its original release, Adobe’s Lightroom has grown into perhaps one of the best tools a photographer can use. Initially designed as an image management tool with limited post production tools, it has blossomed into a product that can rival its older cousin, Photoshop in many aspects of image editing. It’s possible to spend hours on a single image using Lightroom’s extensive tools but the raison d’être of Lightroom is to speed up the photographer’s post production workflow. Today we are going to look at some very quick and easy edits that can dramatically improve the look of your photos. – READ MORE


Urban Landscape Photo Editing With Topaz – During a recent visit to San Antonio, Texas, my goal ahead of time was to obtain a rooftop, urban landscape shot of the city. At the heart of downtown, this image of the well-known Alamo and partial SA skyline achieved this goal and was the chosen one to use in this tutorial: – READ MORE