Best in Themes from Club Theme Nights.

August 2022 Theme: FLORA

Here are the honourable mentions and the theme photo of the month.

Carol Howe – Alien Faces

Lynn Kelman – White Roses

Brian Palmer – Bathed in Light

Ron Kelman – Blooming Dahlia

and the theme photo of he month;

Joy Hayes -Bowing to the Elements

Thanks to all who logged in and to all who participated in the theme.

This months theme is “Nautical” so get out shooting, you still have a week left.  Have the Sept theme “Nautical” to me by October 7.


Mike Strong


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December Theme “Joy”

Great meeting last night where 35 images were shown from 12 contributors. 

The honourable mention photos are as follows;

Brian Palmer- Joy of travelling with Karen and art Edits.

Tracy Hicks – Happily basking in the sun

Joy Hayes – Life by the Sea

Mike Strong Fun in the Snow

and the photo of the month is 

Llaesa North – Annas in the Snow

November Theme Merit Awards, Theme was Starting with “M”

Awards of merit go to the following images;

Neil Errington – Marvelous Martinis

Llaesa North – Mommy Mosh

Brian Palmer – Mushrooms in the Dark

Lynn Kelman – Tools and Metals

and the image of the month goes to;

Thomas Dethlefsen – Merganser

October Theme, Food -Merit awards

Merit awards-

Ron Kelman-Pearled Oyster

Palmer Brian-What is for Dinner 

Neil Errington Egg Reflection 

Lynne Kelman – Italian Pasta

Carol How-Off the Vine 

And the photo of the month goes to –

Llaesa North – The Final Harvest