Best in Themes from Club Theme Nights.

October Theme, Begins with “R”

Great meeting on last Wed via ZOOM where we showed all 48 images submitted to the club for the October theme “Things that begin with the letter R”. As usual some great images and some great interpretations of the theme;

We had;

Red, Reposed, Revenant, Rascal, Risky, Rust, Reflection,Rigging, Ripple, Ring neck, Rolling, Railway, Ribbitt, Rabbit, Rose, Ricky, rutabaga, recreation, roughrider, rooster, rainbow, reveal, rakes, rosemary, restoration, religious racoon and raptor.

Thanks to all who entered.

Honourable mention goes to,

Carol How – Radioactive Rakish Rascal
Norm Orr – Rust
Brian Palmer – Railway Bridge
Leo lecouteur – Roughrider
Lynne Kelman – Rosemary, radishes and Rutabagas
Roy Abbott- Religious Racoon

and the photo of the month goes to,

Llaesa North – Double R

Thanks again,

Mike Strong

August 2022 Theme: FLORA

Here are the honourable mentions and the theme photo of the month.

Carol Howe – Alien Faces

Lynn Kelman – White Roses

Brian Palmer – Bathed in Light

Ron Kelman – Blooming Dahlia

and the theme photo of he month;

Joy Hayes -Bowing to the Elements

Thanks to all who logged in and to all who participated in the theme.

This months theme is “Nautical” so get out shooting, you still have a week left.  Have the Sept theme “Nautical” to me by October 7.


Mike Strong


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December Theme “Joy”

Great meeting last night where 35 images were shown from 12 contributors. 

The honourable mention photos are as follows;

Brian Palmer- Joy of travelling with Karen and art Edits.

Tracy Hicks – Happily basking in the sun

Joy Hayes – Life by the Sea

Mike Strong Fun in the Snow

and the photo of the month is 

Llaesa North – Annas in the Snow

November Theme Merit Awards, Theme was Starting with “M”

Awards of merit go to the following images;

Neil Errington – Marvelous Martinis

Llaesa North – Mommy Mosh

Brian Palmer – Mushrooms in the Dark

Lynn Kelman – Tools and Metals

and the image of the month goes to;

Thomas Dethlefsen – Merganser

October Theme, Food -Merit awards

Merit awards-

Ron Kelman-Pearled Oyster

Palmer Brian-What is for Dinner 

Neil Errington Egg Reflection 

Lynne Kelman – Italian Pasta

Carol How-Off the Vine 

And the photo of the month goes to –

Llaesa North – The Final Harvest