Best in Themes from Club Theme Nights.

May Theme – Covid

These are just a few of the submissions for our Covid Theme for the month of May—we did not do any awards for this theme—but had a lively discussion on all the images—Thank you everyone for your images—–

YELLOW—is your June theme—-the closing date will be July 4th—-Lynne Kelman

April Theme: Action/Motion

Here are the results of the ZOOM meeting where the theme entries for ‘Action’ were shown. All in all we had a good turnout with 42 images from fourteen photographers.

The merit winners for the month are;

Brian Palmer – Back Flip

Joy Hayes – Hair Missile

Llaesa North – Still the Best

Neil Errington – Determination

And the most outstanding image of the month was

Ron Kelman – Struggle for ownership

Thanks to everyone for participating and remember that themes will be handled by Lynne Kelman () for the summer.

Mike Strong

March Theme, Transportation

Best photo of the month – Ron Kelman – Our Summer Train Stopping Soon

These are the merit and winner of the month for the March themes
Merit winners

Gayle Reeves – Footwear

Carol Howe – Cruising

Roy Abbott – End of the Road

Norman Orr – Vehicular Solitude

Best photo of the month – Ron Kelman – Our Summer Train Stopping Soon

Thanks for everyone who participated
Mike Strong

February Theme : Abstract

Photo of the Month – Llaesa North – North Morning Light

Merit –

Sheldon Boyles – Mixture of Time and Colour

Brian Palmer – Textures of the Forest

Carol How – Fugue in D Minor

Fransico Molina – Diagonal Cross

Rob Donaldson – The Rose

Roy Abbott – Dream Time

January Theme: Black and White

Overall – Ron Kelman – Red Tailed Hawk

Merit – Leo le Ctouteur – Dream Home by private lake

Merit – Jim Hatch – B&W1

Merit – Derek Hayes – BC Place Roof

Merit – Llaesa North – Yellowlegs in black and white

Merit – Joy Hayes – Love

December Theme: Backlight

The merit awards are;

Leo LeCouteur – Last Two leaves of summer
Lynn Kelman – Lynn Valley
Mike Strong – At Attention
Brian Palmer 3 eggs in a Nest
Roy Abbott – Mellow Yellow 

and finally the image of the month is from
Llaesa North – A time for Infants

November Theme :Reflections

1-Llaesa North – Colour Wash
2-Joy Hayes-Light Play
3-Palmer Brian-Reflecting on a Reflection 
4-Lynn Kelman – Rox Reflected
6-Mike Strong – What is going on

and the most outstanding image of the month was 

         2- Joy Hayes-Light Play