September 2015 – Tutorials


For this month’s Tutorial webpage, I have selected articles and videos on some of the more popular photo editing applications used by new and intermediate photographers.  The more skilled and experienced photographers are using Photoshop CS6.  This application has a steep learning curve.  Consequently, the beginner and intermediate photographers seek a photo editing application which is easy to learn and has some impression features/options.

The decision on what application you purchase and use hinges on the easy of use and complexity of editing you wish to achieve.

If you are having difficulty in deciding on what application to use, I would encourage you to ask other photo club members for their recommendations.

Regardless on what application you use, it is important to become proficient with all it features.  Only then can you realize the true potential of the application and develop your editing skills.  Internet contains many free articles and videos on most of the applications described below.

AFFINITY PHOTO– Only Operations on Apple Operating Systems

This is a new photo editing application and contains some interesting features.  You can check out more details about this application here.

Serif’s Image Editing Application “Affinity Photo” Launches For Mac Computers -Professional image editing app Affinity Photo, created by the same team that’s behind the award-winning Affinity Designer app, is today launching in the Mac App Store. Affinity Photo is designed to allow photographers to enhance, edit, and retouch images and is the culmination of five years of work. – READ MORE AND VIEW VIDEOS

Hands-On: Affinity Photo Is The Photoshop Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For -The most affordable package option for the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop costs $110 a year. If you are a photographer, you know that every cent you can reinvest back into your hobby or business is well worth it. With that being said, there may be an option on the market that is not only a better value compared to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, but also blows it out of the water in terms of performance – that piece of software is Affinity Photo for Mac. – READ MORE

Affinity Photo Review: It’s Amazing How Powerful This Program Is -We’ve been talking about it for months and today we’re happy to finally have our review of the Adobe Photoshop Competitor, Serif Affinity Photo. Through the whole process of their development of the platform, we’ve been really impressed by the Affinity developer’s desire to “get it right.” At every turn, it appears that they are really listening to customers and making changes to the platform. – READ MORE

ELEMENTS – Versions:11, 12 &13

This product is available at London Drugs Computer Department and the price is around the $100 mark.  It has several levels of editing your images.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 Review – Photoshop Elements is the basic alternative to Photoshop Creative Cloud (or CS) – but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot of power.

It’s now in its thirteenth iteration, and new features include an easier way to merge photos together, a new crop suggestion tool, extra effects and a way to create a combined Facebook profile and cover photo. More good news is that it’s now fully compatible with High DPI Windows monitors and has Retina support for Mac. – READ MORE

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 Review – Photoshop Elements is a great choice for personal photo editing: for a reasonable price, it will handle everything from one-click fixes to advanced multilayer edits. It’s grown so powerful, in fact, that Adobe seems to be struggling to come up with further improvements. – READ MORE

LIGHTROOM – Versions: 5 & 6

Photoshop Vs Lightroom – When you’re ready to take your photo editing seriously, you’re faced with the question that every photographer eventually must answer: Photoshop vs Lightroom?
I’ve answered this question hundreds of times before with those who take my online Photoshop and Lightroom classes for beginners, so I’ll do my very best to explain it in a way that will be crystal clear. – READ MORE

5 Practical Lightroom Tips For Newbies – One of Lightroom’s most important assets is also its Achilles Heel. It is such a powerful program that many of its useful features can take a long time to discover, and are often hidden beneath a blanket of keyboard shortcuts and obscure menus. – READ MORE

How Understanding Clarity And Vibrance In Lightroom – Adobe Lightroom offers two excellent tools for increasing the apparent contrast and saturation of an image without resorting to taking everything to the max. These are the Clarity and Vibrance sliders found at the bottom of the Basic tab in the Develop module under Presence. Lets take a look at what they can do for your images. – READ MORE

The Ultimate List Of Keyboard Shortcuts For Lightroom – Photographers look to maximize the amount of time they spend behind the camera and minimize the amount of time spent in post-processing. But time spent post-processing is a fact of life; no point in fretting over it. Since it’s something that has to be done, why not aim to make your workflow as efficient as possible? This is where keyboard shortcuts can be of tremendous help. – READ MORE

ON1 PHOTO EDITING – Versions: 9.5 & forthoming 10 in October 2015

This application has evolved over the past several years and continues to be expanded.  It would appear that they have a goal of being an alternative to Photoshop.

At present, the application can operate as a standalone system or as a plugin with many of the Photoshop applications.  If you wish more details about this application and the forthcoming release of version 10, check out their website here.

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 Review – Perfect Photo Suite is a collection of seven different photo editing apps which can be used as standalone programs, or as plug-ins accessed from within Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture. The full, Premium version with plug-in compatibility has an RRP of $149.95 (£100), whilst an upgrade edition costs $99.95 (£67). Alternatively, the Basic edition works only as a standalone application and can be had for $79.99 (£53), or $49.95 (£33) if you’re upgrading from an older version of Perfect Photo Suite. – READ MORE

Processing Black And White Photos With OnOne Perfect B&W – Black and white photography is classy and powerful. When properly done, it can be enticing and dramatic. In fact, a great portion of fine art photography hanging in galleries is monochromatic. In the age of film, all it took was to load black and white film into your camera, but nowadays most digital camera sensors are recording images in color and with that, if you want to explore the black and white world, you’ll have to convert your images in the post-processing stage. – READ MORE


The Topaz suite of photo editing plugins can be accessed within many Photoshop applications such as: Photoshop CS6, Elements and Lightroom. However, they can operate as a stand application. To learn more about this product check out their website here.

Topaz Labs Review by James Brandon Photography – Topaz Labs is a company that distills the latest in imaging technology through the use of a wide variety of software programs and plug-ins. In layman’s terms, it’s a collection of Photoshop filters that really make your photos pop with detail and quality. They have a wide variety of options available (including options for videographers), but I strongly suggest purchasing the “Photoshop Bundle” because of it’s value and ease of use. The Photoshop bundle includes the three sets of filters that I use in probably 80% of my images: Topaz Adjust, Topaz ReMask and Topaz DeNoise. – READ MORE

Review Of Topaz Lab’s Clarity Plugin – Keith Cooper has been looking at Clarity, the latest of the image processing plugins from Topaz Labs.

Whilst we use Photoshop for image editing at Northlight, the Topaz plugins work with a wide variety of image editing packages, including Paintshop pro and iPhoto.

The range of functionality offered is so broad that the reviews are split up over several articles (we hope to cover all of them before long). – READ MORE


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