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Abbotsford Photo Arts Club’s 39th Annual Seminar October 22, 2016

The Abbotsford Photo Arts Club’s 39th Annual Seminar takes place on Saturday, October 22nd at Michael J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby.  Registration opens on May 1st with an early bird special rate that is available until Aug. 31st.

This year APAC is pleased to host Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou whose presentation, “The Visionary Photographer” will be a full day seminar on photographic creativity and artistic discovery.

A seminar poster is attached and more information can be found on the APAC website:

Please help us spread the word by forwarding the poster to the members of the Crescent Beach Photography Club and/or posting it on your club’s website.

Thank you for your help with our publicity.

Doreen Jung
Abbotsford Photo Arts Club
Community Liaison


Organize your Photos with software

Software tip for managing out of control photo collections.

This is just a tip for those who are trying to make sense out of a mixed up collection of photos on your PC or Mac.  You know you have lots of photos on your machine but you also know that you have a lot of duplicates.  Web versions, slideshow versions etc. as well as your full sized out of the camera JPG or RAW files.

Here are links to some software that may help tame the mess.


Be sure you have a complete backup of your photos before attempting to clean them up.  Hard drives are cheap and  a good backup can prevent a lot of hair pulling and teeth grinding.

Duplicate finders


Best one that I have used is a free one (donations welcome.


Sorts and finds duplicates, easy to use and has Autoselect to choose duplicates with an easy to use slider to determine how exact the match is.  Not fast but very accurate.
I found it so good that I went to the trouble of copying all my images from Mac to a
Windows Fat 32 formatted hard drive so I could run this program. After sorting I will copy them back to the Mac and update Lightroom catalogs.


Several good ones but all of the Mac versions tend to find duplicates that are not really duplicates, eg: multi frame shots where the image only changes by a fraction etc.  You have to go through and check the found set to ensure there are no errors.  Easy to do as they display images side by side and one click can cancel the marking.

Photo Sweeper

Photo sorters, File sorters


File sorter
Big Mean Folder Machine

Will sort from multiple folders to single folder or from single folder to a folder structure based on size, name, etc.  Can rename or just add a series letter or number when encountering duplicate file names.

Beautiful Backup

Will sort your photos based on the metadata within as well as videos.  It can create any kind of folder structure you wish based on templates.  It can also be set to filter out small images (you decide on size) and place them in a separate folder on your destination.

I use this one to collect images into Year/Year/Month/Day format and then read them directly into Lightroom.


I know there are some out there.  Send me some links if you have used them and I will add them to the list.

Remember rule number one,   BACKUP

Links of Interest

Some info that might be of interest to members, courtesy Sheldon:

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Finally, if you want to see an interesting night photograph technique, check out Robert Kawika Sheer’s website (  Sheldon met Robert last year in Palm Springs and he explained his technique which is duplicated in the two videos on his website.  It may be a technique some of our club members may wish to try out.

And this one from Heather H.:

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