October and November 2016 Outings



Hello again everyone.  Here is information about the next 2 photo outings for October and November.

I am hoping that we can avoid the rain for these two—-but if the forecast is for heavy waterworks, I may have to change the dates and would let you know ahead of time.  Let us keep our fingers crossed.

OUTING 1 in October will be to a local pumpkin patch on Westham Island —-(it is October after all)—-and from there we can continue on down the road to Reiffel Bird Sanctuary for some crisp fall images of ducks and wildlife.

Outing 2 in early in November will be to Gastown —early evening and night shots—to capture the interesting architecture and streams of light from automobiles and shop windows  later at night.

———————————————————————————————————————Outings are for everyone in the club, whether you are a beginner or those of long standing membership—–ask questions, mentor one another—-let’s all  learn from one another.  I will continue sending tips along with these notices—so have a look at them first, bring the equipment you’ll need and if you are not sure—ask—–Looking forward to seeing many of you there—-Lynne Kelman—– lrkelman@shaw.ca



MEET TIME: 10:30

WHERE: Westham Island Herb Farm—Westham Island—over the wooden bridge and before the bird sanctuary—-
4690 Kirkland Road
Delta, BC
———-We’re on the way to Reifel Bird Sanctuary !!

Every year we open our pumpkin patch at the end of September. Come and see Ladner’s Halloween Headquarters! My family, staff and I all love to celebrate halloween and provide a wonderful fall display for the occasion. Come see my annual display of “scarecrows” incorporating pumpkins, gourds, other farm products, implements and good old country humour. Check out the crowd of 100-150 hand carved pumpkins.

Also—Emma Lea Farms is just a walk up the road from the Herb Farm and they also have a fall market open on the weekends—–

AFTER WE HAVE FINISHED with PUMPKIN PHOTOGRAPHY—we will drive a little further on to——

The George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary, which is one of the best places in the Vancouver area for bird watching as it’s an important location for migratory birds. The sanctuary is located on Westham Island in Delta, BC, and has well maintained trails along the dikes and through the marshland which are perfect habit for dozens of species of birds and waterfowl.

We may be lucky to see Snow Geese!!!!   The Snow Geese start arriving at the Sanctuary by early October and are referred to as the “Fraser-Skagit” flock or subpopulation, as they move back and forth between the estuaries of the Fraser and Skagit Rivers. Arriving from the north, most flocks feed intensively in the Fraser estuary, but some go directly to the Skagit. The snow geese provide spectacular wildlife viewing for our visitors. They travel together in very large dense flocks and are restless and constantly moving when Bald Eagles, people and dogs are nearby.


Here are a few website tutorials that may help inspire your fall and pumpkin photography:











MEET TIME:  3:30 pm—sunset is 4:24 or close to that— it would be best to meet an hour before,  so that we can get our bearings and decide where and what we want to get night shots of—–

WHERE:  the Exit at Waterfront Station, Vancouver —(last stop on the Canada Line) —outside the main Train Station—the historic Canadian Pacific Railway Station—under the columns—

We will proceed down Water Street in Gastown, first to the Steam Clock and then down to Powell and Alexander to the Flat Iron Building— (Hotel Europa)—–there are interesting shop windows/ the chance to create interesting light trails—-architecture/street shots and people along the way—-

Some notes about this outing—-

First, I am suggesting that you take the Canada Line, only so that you do not have to worry about parking, but if you prefer to drive, then you would have to decide on a parking location close to Gastown.

Second, be aware when walking in the Gastown area—it is safe, especially when we are in a group, but expensive cameras can always be a temptation for thieves.

Since Gastown is mainly cobbled streets, please be careful of how you walk—–

Third, BRING your TRIPOD—-you will need it for longer exposure night shots—-and learn where your BULB function is on your camera—- (Sometimes 30 seconds just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to keep the shutter open for many minutes at a time. That’s where bulb mode comes in handy. Once you switch your camera over to bulb mode, you simply press the shutter button once to open the shutter, and then you press it again to close the shutter. The duration of the exposure is completely up to you.)


Take a look at these websites listed below—-I have reviewed them and think you will find them all helpful——the utube presentation is also worth watching—–Lynne






This Youtube presentation may help you with your night photography——I have reviewed it and it is easy to follow——



I think I have covered everything.  If you have questions please email me or call me at lrkelman@shaw.ca   ——- 604-541-4086.  I will be back to regular club meetings in November and we could have a discussion around Night Photography before the Gastown Photo Shoot——Lynne



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