October 2015 – Photo Tutorials


For this month’s Photo Tutorial webpage, we selected the theme of a photo editing application called Lightroom.  On Wednesday (October 28, 2015), Dennis Ducklow provided us a very informative presentation on the new features in Lightroom 6.

Beyond the features demonstrated by Dennis, the earlier versions of Lightroom share many functional features.  Therefore, I have provided some articles and videos on Lightroom for your information.

In the forthcoming months, we will select another photo edition application for a theme.

LIGHTROOM – Versons: 3.5,  4,  5, & 6

A Brief Introduction To Lightroom – Lightroom’s Book module lets you create photo books to publish using Blurb’s print on demand printing service. – READ MORE

Since the first version was released over eight years ago, Lightroom has become the go-to software for many photographers, both hobbyist and professional. But if you’re new to Lightroom you may be wondering exactly what it does, what you would use it for, and how it differs from other well known programs like Photoshop.

Next Steps To Getting Started In The Lightroom Develop Module – A previous article showed you how to get started in Lightroom’s Develop module by using the Camera Calibration, Lens Corrections and the Basic panels.

In this article you’ll learn how to use the remaining right-hand panels in the Lightroom Develop module:

Tone Curve panel
HSL / Color / B&W panel
Split Toning panel
Detail panel
Effects panel

This guide is aimed at photographers who are new to Lightroom, so it doesn’t cover every aspect – just the important things you need to know if you’re just getting started with it.READ MORE

How Understanding Clarity And Vibrance In Lightroom Can Improve Your Images – Adobe Lightroom offers two excellent tools for increasing the apparent contrast and saturation of an image without resorting to taking everything to the max. These are the Clarity and Vibrance sliders found at the bottom of the Basic tab in the Develop module under Presence. Lets take a look at what they can do for your images. – READ MORE

How To Improve Any Photo In 8 Or Less Steps In Lightroom – When perusing photography articles and tutorials across the Web it’s not uncommon to encounter various takes on “getting it right in camera.” From exposure to white balance to composition, the idea is to get as many things as possible right in camera, thereby reducing your reliance on software after the fact. While getting right in camera can certainly save you some time, it simply isn’t always possible for your photos to be perfect straight out of camera. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to spend hours on end working on an individual image. – READ MORE

How To Use The Local Adjustments Tools Inside Lightroom – Whenever you take a photo, no matter what the subject, it would be extremely unusual if it couldn’t be improved in some way by making local adjustments in Lightroom.

Local adjustments affect part of the image. Whenever you carry out any processing action in Lightroom you are either making a local adjustment (only affects part of the image) or a global adjustment (affects the entire image). – READ MORE

How To Enhance Eyes In Lightroom – If eyes are the windows to the soul, you want those windows to be as bright and open as possible. In Adobe Lightroom, there’s a quick and easy way to enhance a subject’s eyes using just the brush tool and a bit of tinkering with saturation, brightness, and clarity. – READ MORE & VIEW VIDEO

How To Process A Landscape Photo In Lightroom –

Lightroom 5 – Exporting Images – Getting StartedCHECK OUT THIS VIDEO HERE


I have included here some free Lightroom 5 training videos developed and made available by Anthony Morganti. There are 58 videos in total – CHECK OUT A FULL LISTIN OF HIS LIGHTROOM VIDEOS HERE

The following are three specific videos presenting and discussing certain features within Lightroom.

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