December 2015 – Tutorial Tips


For this month’s Tutorial Tips webpage, we have included the following articles and videos on various photo editing applications our club members are using:


Macphun Aurora HDR Pro Software – First Impressions – HDR originally started as an attempt to correct the limited dynamic range for standard camera sensors, compared to what the human eye can see or perceive. This is not a new concept, but in case you’ve never heard of it, allow me to explain.

Back in the day, camera sensors had an average dynamic range of about 5–7 stops, where our eyes can easily adapt and recognize ranges from 11 to 14 stops. Nowadays, sensors of modern cameras are much more capable in terms of dynamic range, but they still, depending on the situation, can’t capture the whole range. – READ MORE

Aurora HDR Professional Review – High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is like Taylor Swift’s music; a lot of people claim to hate it, but truth be told everyone likes it. Some people, like Trey Ratcliff, fully embrace the dreamy glow and punched-up shadows of HDR while others openly bash the technique but dabble in it secretly.

There’s no question that the process of creating HDR images has been abused, we’ve all seen the Velvet Elvis images. Hyper-saturated colors, noisy shadows and smudgy haloes have festooned many shots, but beyond the horrors of over-cooked HDR lie masterful works with rich details and compelling tones. Ratcliff and the engineers at Macphun Software have been working to bring photographers a new HDR processing tool that promises to make high-quality HDR processing easy. – READ MORE

Photoshop Elements (Just over $100 at London Drugs)

Photoshop Lightroom ($199 at London Drugs or can be obtained on the Adobe Cloud for $9.99 (US Funds) per month.

Using The Develop Module In your Lightroom 5 Photography Workflow – More and more photographers are turning to Adobe Lightroom 5 as their choice post-processing software. While Adobe Photoshop CS6 equips all manner of visual artists with tools for their various crafts, Lightroom is a streamlined processing software tailored to photographers who need advanced image editing and management capabilities without unnecessary clutter. – READ MORE

How To Save Images Using Export In Lightroom – Reader feedback tells me that some people are confused by Lightroom’s Export process. I think the confusion is caused by not completely understanding how Lightroom works, especially when processing Raw files. So let’s start by recapping the process that a single Raw file goes through when you import it into Lightroom. – READ MORE

How To Use The Graduated Filters In Lightroom – Lightroom’s graduated filter is an extremely powerful tool when used with purpose. For landscape photographers there are several different things that you can accomplish with the graduated filter, and in this article we’ll look at four specific uses. – READ MORE

Topaz Labs (14 modules & over $499 (US Funds)

Macphun ($109 to $199 (Canadian Funds) Only available on Apple computers)

 On1 Photo ($109 US Funds)

On1 Photo 10 review: From suite to sweet: photo editing app does it all – For about a decade, On1’s photo editing tools have been marketed and used primarily as plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture, or Adobe Photoshop. Each tool was an independent, one-trick pony and appropriately named: Perfect Black and White, for example, or Perfect Portrait. A couple of versions back, On1 began rolling these mini-apps into a Perfect Photo Suite that allowed users to access all the tools from a central dashboard independent of Lightroom or Aperture. The latest version—renamed On1 Photo 10—takes this plan to the next level. Photo 10 is no longer a suite in name or design: It’s now a pretty well integrated app. – READ MORE

Affinity Photo ($45.00 US Funds)

Affinity Photo Receives Its First Major Update – Serif released a new update today to its photo editing software Affinity Photo. It is the first major update, and it includes quite a few exciting features. To celebrate these welcome changes, Serif also announce a discount on the Mac App Store.
A couple of months ago we shared with you the release of Affinity Photo, a competitor to Adobe Photoshop for Mac OS. Since then, the software has convinced some photographers to make the switch, or at least, the number of 5-star ratings they received from the Mac App Store let me believe so. As if it wasn’t enough, Apple even made Affinity Photo app of the year 2015. – READ MORE

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