Welcome back to another year at Crescent Beach Photo Club.  This year will be somewhat different, but we are fortunate that the hobby that we have chosen is one that we can pursue while still following health guidelines.  I will be looking after the themes this year and we will follow a similar format as we had last year.

First the rules:  

Image submission details:

Image Sizing: 

Landscape oriented image    1400 pixels on the long side

Portrait oriented image          1050 pixels on the long side

Naming convention – YourName-PhotoTitle.jpeg

The following three submission options are open to you:

1. Three new images (taken this month) 


2. Two new images, (taken this month) plus one image from your archives.


3. One or two images (taken this month).

The submission option that requires that images be taken in the month of the theme is a must.  It is easy to dig up old pics from your archives but that is not the purpose of the monthly themes.  They are meant to encourage everyone to get out with their camera on a regular basis.  In order to be fair, everyone must follow the rules. 

Send your photos to me

Mike Strong

within the first week of the following month. (i.e. September themes will need to be sent to me by the first week of October)  I will get them judged and will forward them to Brian to be put on our website.

The themes for this year are:


In the Garden — Can be anything you might find in a garden from watering cans to wee beasties and of course flowers work well also. http://www.cbpc.ca/september-theme-selected-images/


Doors, Windows and Gates — Natural framing helps us to isolate our subjects or the subject itself might be the frame, your call. http://www.cbpc.ca/october-theme-featured-images/


Reflections — reflections help us to see subjects in a new way.  Lots of opportunity here from puddles to windows.   http://www.cbpc.ca/reflections-theme/


Against the light – Backlit  —Backlighting can be the most dramatic.  Make your subject stand out in a new way. http://www.cbpc.ca/december-theme-backlight/


B&W  — The most basic form of photography that helps us see shapes and form in our subjects.  Set your camera to B&W (if your camera has that function) to help with your visualization.  ( If you shoot RAW your pic will still be in colour but you will see it in B&W.). http://www.cbpc.ca/january-theme-black-and-white/


Abstract. — Try to find a mood or feeling in your abstract.  Make the viewer ask questions.


Transportation — Use your imagination and be creative, anything that can move from A to B will work here.


Action — Fairly clear, we want movement or perceived movement.  Experiment with longer shutter speeds, panning.

Mike Strong