Current Themes

Please send theme images to Mike Strong if you use a PC with Windows or to Brian Kilpatrick if you use Mac.

April’s theme is “Pattern Design Abstract”

A little late but here it is.

April’s theme is “Pattern Design Abstract”.  Essentially patterns in nature or man made; patterns are a repeated way in which something happens or is done.  Visually it requires us to look beyond the object or objects to find relationships. Discovering patterns helps us to better understand our surroundings.  Patterns are everywhere so this should be easy.

The patterns can be made from a purely abstract source like wave motion or can include clearly definable objects like migrating geese.

Try to get last months images “rebirth” to me ASAP.

Jump on the April theme as we may not have the complete month with the end of the year coming.

Mike Strong

February Theme is “Bridges”

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA at sunset.

The club theme for February is “Bridges”.  We are blessed, or cursed, in the lower mainland with lots of bridges so go find one.

Again, try to look at the subject differently than the classic shot, find that new angle that gives the viewer a new interpretation of a bridge, what it does and how.  Convey the strength or delicacy or artistic beauty.

Just remember, no photos of your dental work.

Mike Strong

January Theme: Black and White

With the selection  for our B&W print competition coming up I think it is a good idea to cover this subject in our January theme.  There are plenty of great sites on line to help, have a look at these for some ideas.

If you can get your October or November photos to me by 6 PM Wed I will include them in the showing for tomorrow night.

On the general subject of themes, please make sure to name using the convention “your name” – “Photo name”, ie Mike Strong – sunset.jpg.  Size should be 1400 by 1000 give or take.

Most importantly, the whole concept of themes is to get you out shooting each month. We do not want members to go through their archives and submit photos that meet the theme criteria. The themes for the fall we set so that it would be easy for members to participate, the themes were not difficult.

I would encourage any member who is hesitant about submitting for themes to give it a try.  I promise that doing so will make you a better photographer and you will get a sense of satisfaction seeing your images on screen.

Mike Strong