Hope everyone has had a great summer so far but time to get back to work.  I did not set up a summer theme per se so you would have a break from themes, but August is here so we will need to dust off the cameras, charge up your batteries and format those SD cards.

The theme for August is going to be really simple.  It is in the broadest sense ‘Flora’.  While that relates to native species of plants our theme will include all plants from garden roses to trees and even lichens.  Should be lots to choose from as plants are everywhere.

We relied heavily on themes last year to help us through the pandemic and it is only through the active participation of our members that the program was successful.  We need as many of our members to contribute, besides being fun it also is a learning process as you get to see everyone’s pics and their interpretation of the themes.

I am going to outline the theme categories for the next year to give everyone time to plan their shots.

SEPTEMBER – Nautical – Lots to choose from here, take your pick from a seascape to boats to kayakers to anything that relates to water as in ocean, lakes or rivers.

OCTOBER – Things that begin with the letter “R”.  Roses, radishes or rutabagas; Ramblers, refrigerators or rocks – you get the idea, let’s see what you come up with.

NOVEMBER – Through a Window/Door – What I want here are photos using door or window frames to “frame” your subject.  This can give an intimate view as you give a new perspective to the shot.

DECEMBER – Dilapidated – Find a structure that is run down/boarded up or otherwise in a “Dilapidated” condition.  Generally a favourite with photogs as we love to shoot  old barns.

JANUARY – B&W – Our old standard and and important facet in photography.  Back to our roots and prepping for any BW competitions that may come along.  Set your camera up in B&W to see the world in a new way.  

FEBRUARY – Bridges – Included here are big bridges and little bridges, bridges over streams and bridges built of beams, bridges built for trucks and bridges built for ducks but please please no dental bridges.

MARCH – Things that are “RED” – Go forth and find the red things, enough said.

APRIL – Abstract – Go wild, go crazy.  We have so many creative photographers in the club I had to include this one again this year.

And that should be it for the next year.  Again I really want to encourage as many entries each month as possible.  A club is only as strong as its members and participation will make our club strong.

The rules for entering the monthly themes is as follows;

Image submission details:

Image Sizing: 

Landscape oriented image    1400 pixels on the long side

Portrait oriented image          1050 pixels on the long side

Naming convention – YourName-PhotoTitle.jpeg

The following three submission options are open to you:

1. Three new images (taken this month) 


2. Two new images, (taken this month) plus one image from your archives.


3. One or two images (taken this month).

The submission option that requires that images be taken in the month of the theme is a must.  It is easy to dig up old pics from your archives but that is not the purpose of the monthly themes.  They are meant to encourage everyone to get out with their camera on a regular basis.  In order to be fair, everyone must follow the rules. 

Send your photos to me within the first week of the following month. (ie. September themes will need to be sent to me by the first week of October)  I will get them judged and will forward them to Brian to be put on our website.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Mike Strong