All club members are encouraged to enter images in our Club’s  CAPA Competitions.  By participating in these competitions, you are pushing yourself to develop new photography skill and reach your true potential as a photographer.

If you have any questions about submitting an image for competition, you can email me at

Special Note: All competition participants agree to permit CAPA to publish their images in the Canadian Camera Magazine, on the CAPA website or use their images at any time for CAPA exhibition, publication, promotion, and educational sessions.  Entry into any CAPA competition or exhibition implies acceptable to the above practice – UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REFUSED by marking an “X” prior to the filename.  Photographers are credited of their work.

Important: CAPA recommends that the photographer obtain a model release for presentation and publication purposes, prior to submitting the entry.  The photographer, not CAPA, will be responsible for any legal issues.  CAPA reserves the right to request the original captured images prior to manipulation, for any entry in a CAPA competition – in the files’ native format.

CAPA is family-orientated. Therefore, competition images must be suitable for viewing by any age group. It is the responsibility of each Club Competition Committee to review all images prior to the night of judging.  If there is a question of whether the images is suitable or not then the image should  be forwarded to the appropriate Divisional Competition Chair for their review and decision:

– Digital – Fine Art – Minimal Manipulation – Theme Chair – Sheldon Boles –;

Digital – Altered Reality – Portrait Chair – Tim Stonhouse –;

Digital – Open Chair – Don Berthman –;

Digital – Nature – Wildlife Chair – John Lyon –;

Print – Open Chair – Richard Knotts –; and

AV Shows Chair – Ann Alimi –

In the event an image is deemed unacceptable, the photographer should be provided an opportunity to resubmit the image or replace the image.  This exchange action must be undertaken prior to the club judging.

Entries for all competitions must originate as photographs – image captures of objects via light sensitive film or sensor made by the entrant.  The entrants must town the copyright for the submitted image, and all elements used must be the original work for the competition.

CAPA encourages photographers to grow through continuous practice, use fresh ideas and submit new work for competition.Once an image has been entered into a CAPA competition, that image has been adequately evaluated.  CAPA expects photographers to submit different images into each competition. You cannot enter one image in multiple competitions that are running at the same time.  The new CAPA online system checks for this situation.  It is the responsibility of each CAPA Club to ensure that duplicate images are not entered into competitions.

For the majority of CAPA Competitions, photography clubs can enter 6 images.  However, no photographer can have more than one amongst the images selected for submission to a CAPA competition.

FORMAT & LABELING: Use the following guidelines in preparing your digital slides for entry:

– High quality JPEG (use a quality setting of 90% or better) in the sRGB colour space.

– Images should be in the proper orientation for viewing, as they will be projected as submitted.

– Image resolution shall not exceed 1400 x 1050 pixels, portrait orientation should be no larger   than 1050 on vertical side.  Total image size must not exceed 1.8 Megabytes.

– Image file name must be: CLUBCODE-Photographer’s Name-Title of Image.jpg.  The club code for the Crescent Beach Photography Club is CBPC. The title of the image must be four words or less. As an example, your submitted image file will be – CBPC-Thomas_Wright-Wondering Spirit.jpg.

PROCESSING TO CAPA: On the respective “Club Scoring Date“, the club judging system will select the top six images.  These images will be submitted to CAPA via the new ‘online system‘ by the Club’s CAPA Representative prior to the closing date of the competition.   Prior to submitting the six images, the representative will review all images to ensure they comply with the formatting standards.

The results of each competition will be received by the CAPA Representative who will in turn distribute the scoring results to all club members.

CAPA MEMBERS – If you are a CAPA member, you can participate in the club competition and also submit four different images via the new online competition system.  For instructions on how to enter these images check out this webpage here.

In the event you are curious about becoming a CAPA member, check out their webpage here.