NEW – On May 9, 2017, CAPA introduced its new website ( Sheldon"> which includes a new online competition system which streamlines to uploading of images.  This same system can now accommodate remote judging.  The Nature and Photo Journalism competitions will be CAPA’s two first remote-judging competitions.

In addition, the new website now contains all the new 2018 – 2019 CAPA competitions and images can be uploaded by camera clubs and CAPA members.

Check out the listing of competitions and their closing dates here.  Click on the competition name and you will be taken to the details of each competition and the conditions for each competition.


***4 starred competitions to be entered as a club—CBPC

Dates below are capa deadline dates—not our own club dates—see website (click on ***4 Starred line above) and emails for club deadlines:

TITLE                                                 CLOSING DATE               NOTES

****Fine Art October 30th 2018  



October 30th 2018




Photo Journalism


November 23rd 2018






January 15th 2019


*****Altered Reality


January 15th 2019





 February 20th 2019 Open to all
*****Series of 4 images February 28th 2019 Open to all-open theme-

4 separate images/

1 common title/#1-2-3-4






March 31st 2019

Audio Visual April 18th 2019  7 mins. long





Close Up


April 30th 2019




*****Canada My Country


April 30th 2019


Open to all


2018 Photo Challenge May 31st 2019

Members only



Each competition is self contained and provides all the information necessary to enter a competition.

Some notable changes in the CAPA competition standards and eligibility criteria are outlined below:

No longer will a Competition Hosts be requesting entrants to re-submit an image which does not meet the scope of a competition and noted image will not be presented on the ‘day-of-judging.’  It is the responsibility of each club to ensure all images submitted comply with the competition description.

Competition Eligibility Criteria has been expended to include:

the submitted image or substantially the same image has not previously been recognized as receiving a CAPA award such as: a CAPA medal, Certificate of Merit, Merit Award Ribbon, Honourable Award Certificate or Honour Award Ribbon;”

they will NOT enter an image simultaneously in both the ‘individual’ and ‘club/ components of a CAPA competition

File naming Convention:

Filenames of images to be uploaded may ONLY contain letters, digits, spaces, periods(.), underscores(_) or dashes (-)

No other punctuation is allowed in this filename OR the name of its folder

Image Title:

May NOT contain the club name or the photographer’s name

Unrestricted except refrain from using the following characters:  ” ‘ .

Prior to uploading our club images for a competition, I will ensure the filename and image title complies with the noted requirements.

For our club image submissions for a CAPA competition, I will be the person that your images are to be submitted to.  Prior to the day-of-our-club judging, I will send out a reminder for club members to send me their images by a set date.

Each club members can submit to me 3 images for each CAPA competition.  Our club will select the six best images which I will upload into the CAPA online competition system.

If a club member has any questions or concerns about a CAPA competition or competition standards, you can email me at .