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Deadline – Lions Gate: Celebration of Nature competition: Submission date to Rob for club entries.
Oct 28 all-day

It is fall, 2021 and Lion’s Gate is having their 16th Annual Celebration of Nature competition.  Crescent Beach has some wonderful nature photographers so enter 3 of your best nature photos you have.


Lions Gate Camera Club is pleased to invite all camera clubs in British Columbia and Yukon to enter our 16th annual photograph competition. Celebration of Nature Photography 2021

All images submitted for this competition will be judged by a panel of three leading nature photographers completely independent of Lions Gate Camera Club.

There are four categories in this competition:

  • 01 – Botanical – subjects such as wild-flowers, plants, trees, fungi and algae. Germinated and grown without human assistance.
  • 02 – Nature – animals, birds, insects, reptiles and marine subjects – under the control and feeding of humans if not obvious – such as zoos, game farms, animal preserves, aquarium, etc…
  • 03 – Landscape – subjects such as weather phenomena, geological formations, landscapes, seascapes and natural phenomena, planets, stars and astronomical events – no hand of man.
  • 04 – Wildlife – ONLY living and untamed mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and marine subjects – no hand of man.

To assist you in determining if your image qualifies for this competition, you must comply with the details contained in the CAPA Nature/Wildlife Competition Checklist attached.  The Checklist provides clarification for each theme and what type of editing is and is not acceptable. 

  1. Dimensions:  Maximum horizontal size: 1400 pixels and Maximum vertical size: 1050 pixels (i.e. Club sized).  Note: One of the dimensions must be exactly the maximum allowed size and neither dimension may exceed the maximum pixels for that dimension
  2. Images must be jpeg and the Colour Space should be sRGB
  3. For this competition, the entrant must preserve the submitted image’s original un-retouched JPEG or RAW file. LGCC may request submission of the original file to confirm the authenticity of the submitted image and compliance with the Competition specifications.  However it does not have to be sent to me with your submission – just keep it handy
  4. Photos need to be submitted to me for club judging by Thursday, October 28th midnight.  You do not have to follow their naming convention as I have to rename them to their format before submitting.


Check your hard drive for your best nature photo and send up to 3 images to me by Oct. 28th for club judging and selection.  The best image from each of 6 members will go forward.



Rob Donaldson



CNP 2021 Final Specs August 21, 2021