Crescent Beach Photo Club—dates and program for 2020:

January 15th 2020—-Members Night—

Members please bring slide shows/ photographs that you would like to share or that you would like to be discussed amongst members—any new photography tips/discoveries that you may have learned over the last while—anything photographically that you would like to talk about/ask questions about etc. We may also show images from past North Shore Challenges—

January 22nd—outing evening—to be announced

January 29th—Theme—Creative /Altered Reality—-We will have three in house judges to discuss and pick images for our theme ribbons and to go to CAPA —-judges will be—Lynne Kelman/Carol How/Derek Hayes—-(and opinions from members)

February 5th 2020—We will have an outside judge to choose images to go to the North Shore Challenge—this theme is OPEN—anything goes—-judge to be announced—

February 19th—we will have a speaker or a workshop TBA

February 26th— This again is a theme night—the theme being Monochrome—judge or style of judging TBA

March 4th –TBA

Saturday March 14th—Judging Course to be hosted by CBPC

March 18th—Theme night—Canada My Country

April 1st—April 15th—- TBA– We may judge our own Black and White Prints on this evening—judge or members—to be discussed and decided upon —

April 15th—-An interesting Speaker


April 29th 2020—We may judge the Langley Invitational—and theme also????

May 6th— – TBA—–an idea is to do a lighting workshop outside on the beach—to be arranged–

May 20th—Pot Luck evening at the Lucky Strike Saloon—-

Summer Hiatus:

Please consider volunteering to be on the executive for September 2020—and please consider electing a new President for September 2020—a new President will bring change and new energy—I will always be available to help but feel the club needs new direction to keep it vibrant and new—–Lynne Kelman