Hope everyone has had a great summer so far but time to get back to work.  I did not set up a summer theme per se so you would have a break from themes, but August is here so we will need to dust off the cameras, charge up your batteries and format those SD cards.

The theme for August is going to be really simple.  It is in the broadest sense ‘Flora’.  While that relates to native species of plants our theme will include all plants from garden roses to trees and even lichens.  Should be lots to choose from as plants are everywhere.

Again, as usual, try to look at your subject with a new perspective, a look that we would not normally notice, something that will give us new insights into your subject.

Rules are as before,

Image submission details:

Image Sizing: 

Landscape oriented image    1400 pixels on the long side

Portrait oriented image          1050 pixels on the long side

Naming convention – YourName-PhotoTitle.jpeg

The following three submission options are open to you:

1. Three new images (taken this month) 


2. Two new images, (taken this month) plus one image from your archives.


3. One or two images (taken this month).

The submission option that requires that images be taken in the month of the theme is a must.  It is easy to dig up old pics from your archives but that is not the purpose of the monthly themes.  They are meant to encourage everyone to get out with their camera on a regular basis.  In order to be fair, everyone must follow the rules. 

Send your entries to me on or before Sept 6, 2022 and we will show them later in the month.

Make sure you name them correctly using the YourName-PhotoTitle.jpeg convention, that is for me, mikestrong-anothergreatphoto.jpeg.  It is important because I have to strip out the makers name to judge the photos and that is a problem if the makers name is missing or in another location on the file name.

Now get out there and find some Flora,

Mike Strong